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Character. Passion. Professionalism


Web strategy

Web development is not just coding, it's more than that, it's passion for coding, it's teamwork, design, deployment ... it is all about delivering a unique and awesome experience to our partners.

Brand design

We create unique web designs to smash competition and ensure your winning. It involves innovation, passion and creativity that will inspire.

Online marketing

We reach to your audience in such a way to be relevant for your business and their lives. First, we set the goals, find the audience and convert it.


Responsive, professional and willing to help. We manage your bugs and issues with full support and maintenance for your website.


Kabai Csaba

C.E.O & Co-Founder - Motivation and perseverance is the key to a successful business and the right way to get where you wanted.

Tobias Bogăţeanu

Online Marketing - My determination to succeed is strong enough to keep me from failing and to help me achieve great results.

Samuel Ardelean

Frontend Development - There are no challenges that can stop me from creating the best experience ever and meet your expectations.