Alergolog Oradea Project was a great pleasure working on. You’ll love it when you’ll scroll down, take a few moments around it and check it out.

Project HomePage

Website usability

This website has a simple structure so that visitors can easily navigate on it. The pages and subpages created are easy to find, no confusion. The client’s desire was a website useful for patients and and easy to access. When you create something that must be found, you know you have to go through a whole process in order to get the best result and to accomplish what your client wants. And that’s what we did with this project.

Website design

The website design was created in such a way to reflect the client’s business. As the client works in a medical office the reassuring colours that were used in the website design shows the specific business environment. Our wish is to give the client a unique experience with each project. The design for each page is chosen wisely.

Project Image

Website creation

When we created this website we used CSS, HTML, PHP and a bit of JavaScript. Writing code doesn’t mean that you just write it, like a doctor does when he writes a prescription and you don’t understand a word of what he wrote. People must understand the written code. As Martin Fowler said: “Any fool can write a code the computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand”. SDG Webs team has good programmers that write code in such a way that people understand it.

Project Image

Client’s satisfaction

Each project that we worked on had great results due to our teamwork. Thanks to this project our team grew closer. When a team follows the same goal the result is spectacular. Teamwork makes people help and understand each other. The passion and professionalism of our team.

We knew the high expectations that our client had from us and we made them our goal. Focusing on that goal, we were able to finish the project and deliver the amazing experience that we enjoy delivering. The client was fully satisfied with our work. Gaining client's trust is essential in our business.