CDE Oradea is a project that we are really proud of. You don’t need to be an expert to see that it is indeed an attractive piece of design. It’s a church’s website, that aims to reflect their values and activities in a simple, but impactful way.

Project HomePage

Website design

As you can clearly see, the design is simple and engaging. We want everyone who accesses the website to be delighted. And this is one of our main ambitions here at SDG Webs: to provide our clients with a great experience. Every section has its special place, from Homepage to Contact Us, images and text being perfectly intertwined. Colors and fonts conferr it a very bright appearance.

You can observe the way that some of the sections stand out when you scroll over them. Shadows and motions give you the feeling that this website is alive!

Style and tools

As a team, we are focused on the client’s expectations and strive to give our best in building the website as desired. As our client wanted a simple, but impactful website, we adapted to our clients requirements, off course, using the right tools. We built it in WordPress, using programming languages as Php, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The style and the tools we used resulted in a perfectly functioning website, that is both visually attractive and mobile friendly.

Project SearchMenu

Hard work

A lot of work needed to be done on CDE Oradea Project. Many hours were spent, as our team members gave their best in building the perfect website. You can see the effects, the shadows, the shapes of all sections, the buttons - they all required great attention, concentration and energy. But the outcome was delightful. It was built in WordPress and we consider is one of our best projects till now.

Project Menu


The client was delighted. The final project was far beyond his expectations. He could recognize that the team has worked really hard to get the website done on-time. We won the client’s trust during the building process, but in the end, we won his full admiration. We are so happy to see more and more clients satisfied with our services. That shows we have done a great job and accomplished one of our major goals: delivering quality!