Kairos Agency is a Christian cross-cultural mission agency in Romania. They train Romanian missionaries in order to be able to go and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the end of the world. It was a great opportunity for us to work for them and build their website in Wordpress. Great causes always thrill us.

Project HomePage


The structure reflects the agency’s activity in full. You can see the top bar directing you to the major pages and the subpages of the website. On the homepage, the slides introduce you to the most important topics that the agency has at the moment. Then you have information about the major activities of the agency, concise information about the projects, campaigns, calls to action, news, future events, testimonials, partners, instagram feed and, finally, contact details.

All the pages are very well structured and carefully designed to highlight the Kairos Agency’s work and values. We wanted this website to be an impactful experience for everyone who accesses it. And we are proud of the achievement.

Website Usability

Kairos Agency website is vast, but very easy to use. We built it in WordPress, using Php, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It has a very beautiful design, the content is optimised, it is mobile friendly and functions perfectly. The links direct you to the right page, all the forms won’t let you down either. The website has two major sections, Romanian and English, which makes it very useful for both national and international users. Another cool aspect is the store of the website. You can purchase on the website any of the products that the Kairos Agency has online.

Project Projects Page

Maintenance and Marketing

Kairos Agency Project is a long term project we work on. The building process culminated with our client’s desire that we continue doing maintenance to the website and also, online marketing on their social media accounts. So, after being engaged in this project and succeeding, we now continue our work on maintenance and marketing. Everything that needs improved, or any kind of changes on the website, it’s our responsibility. We are currently promoting their work and activity on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and we have a great time doing that. The client is very pleased!

Project Blog

Client’s Response

Our client, Valentin Hrihorciuc, the director of Kairos Mission Agency is very happy with our work. His words: "I have worked with SDG Webs on Kairos Mission Agency’s new website. I can say without any doubt that SDG Webs has shown professionalism, flexibility and creativity. SDG Webs has been able to highlight Kairos Agency’s extensive projects and activities." We are delighted to see our clients satisfied with Kairos Agency project! That’s our aim!