This project was a really inspiring task that we've handed. We enjoy delegating challenging tasks. This website was that kind of task. Check out LS Motors Project!

Project HomePage

Website creation

LS Motors Project is worth to be told. LS Motors website was created on a Wordpress theme that used CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript. Our programmers made an excellent job and we are proud of them. The client’s request was to build a website that everyone could access it. We took care of the website responsiveness and optimised it properly, so the website is now mobile friendly and people who spend their time only on smartphones have access to it.

Website usability

When you create something that can’t be used properly, you’ve done it in vain. For LS Motors Project, we worked over and over again to make the website pretty easy to use. Every page of the website is accessible and it’s very important to increase the pages speed otherwise, website visitors can lose patience. People are very busy and time is precious. When you give them what they want, when they want it, that’s a big achievement.

Project ServicesPage

Website design

Going a step further, the website's design has a huge impact for visitors. It’s not enough that you caught their attention with the page speed, you need to capture them. The design takes over the role in this case. For example, we used parallax effect for background sections. When you follow the trends and what works for your industry niche, you know that your work is right and you build on it. LS Motors Project is an example of a good website design that converts visitors into customers.

Project About Page

Client’s satisfaction

The client was speechless with our work and because he saw in us the high of standard professionalism. With every project added to our archive, we gain more experience and growth. Being transparent makes partnerships more active and as a result they might they recommend our services to others. We want to share with our clients everything we do in order to gain their trust and to maintan a good relationship. For each project we had positive feedback!