Although it’s only a landing page, NV&B Construction Project was created with great determination and precision. It was a pleasure for us to collaborate with the client and deliver him an unique experience.

Project About

Website creation

This landing page project was made with the purpose to present a business that offers construction services. When you want to present your services you choose to create a website or a landing page that shows exactly what you offer. For NV&B Construction landing page Project we used CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Coding it’s not just the action of writing it’s also the action of making that coding understandable for people. We structured this landing page with a menu that links back on different sections of the page.

Website design

We had to represent this business services through landing page design in such a way to overcome the competing level. We used parallax effects for sections to make it more attractive to visitors. For example when you scroll down, the image moves on the opposite direction. The trend this days is to watch more and read less. To keep up with the trend, we used a video in the landing page to capture the attention and see the construction process. We keep it simple, but awesome!

Project Construction Site Project Construction Workers


Our team worked for this project with great passion and determination. Hard work is one of our characteristics. With such a team you can trust that your project is in good hands. The landing page is the great result of our work and with this project we gain experience. We enjoy delivering quality over quantity. Every task we are assigned we take it with huge responsibility.

Project Constructions Types

Client’s satisfaction

We understood the client’s expectations and we tried to exceed them because when you focus on what the client wants, you work body and soul for it. Therefore our client’s expectations were fulfilled. No matter the size of a project, we take it and work with it until the great impact is visible. If you want to strike with your website or your project try us and we won’t let you down!