A professional website is a window that will hugely increase your business success. Since SDG Auto started to work with us, their sales grew exponentially. We’ve built their website in Wordpress, and now we are doing the maintenance for them. Not only that, but we keep on promoting their website on Facebook and other social media channels.

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Designed and Developed for Profit

Since SDG Auto it is a van dismantling company, profit is the final goal. As they sell online, the website needed to be a competent representation of their business. That made us be very diligent in building a website that would fully satisfy our client’s expectations.

The result is a visually appealing, mobile friendly, optimised website that functions correctly and, inevitably, brings about significant results!

Easy-to-use Website

Our clients are very pleased with the website’s usability. The structure is simple and very easy to use. All the buttons function correctly, driving you to the proper page. As the images are optimized, the pages load instantly. In the same time, the Blog page, for example, has keywords that guide you towards the article that you are interested in. You don’t have to search into all the article list to find what you want. That saves you great deal of time.

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Wonderful project

There’s no such thing as an insignificant project. For us, every project is an opportunity to create a unique and awesome experience for our clients. Not only the final project, but the process in itself brings about great satisfaction. When you realize that you are making someone’s dream come true, you can only give your best. SDG Auto website was developed so that it would be both useful and enjoyable. Every page will show you the importance of building a professional website when you desire to promote your business online.

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Client satisfied

We used HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, as our client had high expectations about the final product. Although the whole process of building the website, with all its pages, subpages, sections and links was not an easy job, it was good for us to see the client fully… satisfied! And when the client is fully satisfied, you know you have done a great job.

SDG Auto Website is now easy to be found among the first on Google, when you type the name or simply look for van dismantling firms in Romania. The client is very happy about it. Moreover, the website’s design and structure makes people have more confidence in buying products from SDG Auto. Finally, another key point the client appreciates is that the website’s internal search engine helps people find the products they need immediately.