This is an auto dismantling website that we made and you can figure out from the website that we worked on it with great passion and pathos.

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Website creation

SDG Dezmembrari Galati Project was a delight for us. Our team worked with Magento that includes XML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript for this website. It’s structure is based on pages and subpages with a search-bar included. The algorithm used for the search-bar is very complex and it gives the desired searching result. For example, when people type a word they will receive the result based on their search. SDG Dezmembrari Galati website is made to help customers find what they search and buy in a simple and affordable way.

Website design

When you go the store you know that every product is organised on different category and guides you where to go in order to find what you’re looking for. Same does this website, you just look for a category or just type the product you want and you’ll get it. The website design was used in such a way to make the customer’s navigation easier and the colors are not tiring. The website has over 20.000 products and more to come, but they are well organised and very easy to find.

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How can you save time and be productive? The answer is teamwork! To finish a project when you have a deadline that means you gave all your best because you had a team that followed the same goal. For SDG Dezmembrari Galati Project, our team worked really hard and they never complained. This website works with third parts websites such as, and If you have a project that needs to be done in a short time our team is your best and only solution.

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Client’s satisfaction

If the client is satisfied, you know you’ve built a good website. Our client was fully satisfied with our work. The best feedback from the client is when you hear that he will recommend you to others or he wants to continue the partnership with you. When you got that far, you can be sure that you are his best option and do your best to exceed. Our client trusted our team determination and passion and he received the desired and more. Trust is always a step forward to success!