A website that is made just to rank on first positions it’s not enough. It needs to respond to clients needs and what they search for. And we did this for SDG Paintball project.

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Website creation

After we’ve made this website, people started to visit it and the traffic grew and grew. People always need something new and if you give them the same “food”, they will get bored. So, we combined the things a little bit in order to give something fresh and unique. The colors and fonts we chose for the website are used with the reason to protect the eyes and not to disturb them. Then we used CSS, PHP and Javascript and the result was a great masterpiece. We are happy when our clients are happy too.

Website awareness

SDG Paintball Project needed some brand awareness and we made it possible through social media by sharing pictures, articles and posts in different groups and engaging with the audience. The trend this days is to spend most of our time on social media using mobile gadgets. We made the website mobile friendly and gave it a nice look. We care about our clients opinion and expectations, that's why every single detail of web design and it's responsiveness requires our careful attention. When you pay utmost attention to details, you care.

Project Activity Project Activity

An easy to use website

The website is simply structured with pages so you can navigate easier. Because people don’t have enough time these days we know how frustrating is to wait for a page or a website to load. We worked on page speed to help visitors get what they want in the shortest time. When you invest yourself to provide the best experience, you’ll achieve the best results. And that’s what we’ve done for this project. We worked for SDG Paintball Project with passion, professionalism and the client was very pleased.

Project Special Packs

Client’s satisfaction

We take great responsibility with project and that's what makes our company great. Our teamwork gave the best results despite the challenges it encountered. SDG Paintball Project made us stronger and more united. The Romanian proverb turned out to be true: when there are 2, the power grows. Using each other ideas and and applying everything that suited this project was a great opportunity to prove our skills. The website was finalised with determination and hard work. We enjoyed journey.