SP Auto Export is a company that helps people buy vehicles through North America online auto auctions. See how we built their website, aiming to maximize user experience and engagement.

Project HomePage

Website usability

SP Auto Export is a Canadian company that provides an easy service for those thinking about buying cars/trucks/boat/ATV/motorcycle from auctions. They also provide Towing, International Transportation, Export/Import service through their partners.

We developed for SP Auto a website that is visually appealing and its functionality matches its high quality design.

Website design

SP Auto came to us knowing they needed a fresh, modern, trustworthy and easy-to-navigate website. Their old website was outdated and hard to navigate. SDG Webs developed SP Auto’s new website having the user experience and the other competitive elements in mind starting with a market analysis, a concept, creative identity and design and the implementation.

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Website creation

When we created this website we used CSS, HTML, PHP and a bit of JavaScript. Writing code doesn’t mean that you just write it, like a doctor does when he writes a prescription and you don’t understand a word of what he wrote. People must understand the written code. As Martin Fowler said: “Any fool can write a code the computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand”. SDG Webs team has good programmers that write code in such a way that people understand it.

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Client’s satisfaction

Website functionality is defined by the intuitive way in which a viewer can navigate the site and obtain the information they are seeking. SP Auto website is extremely easy to use. All the buttons and forms function perfectly, and the pages load instantly. No headaches!