A new year brings new changes. If you have a website, you always have to bring new updates and refreshments to it. This article is only for those who appreciate and fight to improve the experience offered to their clients daily. What are the 5 web trends in 2019?

1. Mobile first

Like it or not, people became addicted to smartphones and spend almost all their time on them. If you want to connect with people, you know where to find them. If your website is not mobile friendly, this should be a priority in 2019. Website responsiveness is vital for your website. People will leave without looking back if you’re page is not loading fast.

mobile first 5 web trends in 2019

2. Website speed

A website with low page speed will automatically lose its visitors. Take your website speed test and see where you can optimize your page and increase the page speed. You could use tools like Pingdom, Google Page Speed, WebPageTest, Bitcatcha etc. Make sure you’re website hits like a flash.


3. Voice search

People don’t bother anymore to search by typing. According to Gartner‘s prediction by 2020, voice searches will be 50% higher and keyboard based search will be a thing of the past. Voice search saves a lot of time and it’s faster than typing.

voice search 5 web trends in 2019

4. More content

Longer content doesn’t mean it’s valuable, but reach content with high quality and relevance will rank better on search engines. Get rid of duplicate content, try to create longer, original content and add value to it. This will also help you to appear on first searches. If you just write for the sake of SEO, don't expect people to engage with it. Your content should be relevant and have useful information.

content is king 5 web trends in 2019

5. Animated Gifs

Get your readers attention with animations, it’s the best way to keep them engaged with your content and the information you give. This method helps you to add value to your content and give them what they are looking for. It’s the shortest way to inform and entertain your readers.



Make sure you always follow the changes and try to keep up with the new. If you ignore them, you cannot see any improvements. Follow this 5 tips to improve your website in 2019! Stay connected with the trend!

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5 web trends in 2019