Adaptation - is the new word used among many companies, medical offices and all other kinds that had to deal with the pandemic. For some businesses, this meant the cessation of activity. Other companies had to rethink all their technological processes. Digital companies chose to continue their work by encouraging their employees to work from home. Part of the medical field had to offer teleservices, online audio or video consultations.

In this context of sudden change, one of the most recommended solutions in many areas was the digital one. As businesses are largely online, many of them haven't had the tools to survive and grow in this context.

Our web development agency in Oradea has developed two solutions that can be used in many fields of activity such as:

  • # Dermatology offices
  • # Allergology offices
  • # Family doctors
  • # Dental offices

Online Appointments

Solutie pentru Consultatii Video Live

This solution is intended for those who want to increase the number of appointments, to eliminate the stress of management and to retain patients by giving them the opportunity to decide easily and quickly when to come to a consultation. What does our web solution offer:

1. The possibility for any client or patient to check if there is availability and to make an appointment in less than a minute.

2. Programming can be done from your phone, tablet or laptop just as easy.

Solutie pentru Consultatii Video Live

3. Confirmation can be instant or with approval.

4. Intervals can be defined by days, periods of time very easily and in a multitude of variants.

5. Days or hours may be blocked.

6. Time spots can also be private.

7. Confirmation and reminder notifications by email, SMS or push notifications (on request).

8. Online credit card payment via Stripe, PayPal and other payment processors.

Meetings, Video Consultations - Live Stream, Chat and Documents Share in Real Time

Solutie pentru Consultatii Video Live

Time, energy and, where appropriate, exposure to infection are elements to be taken into account when setting up a session, consultation or meeting. To facilitate and help entrepreneurs in carrying out their activity during this period, we have developed a Live Streaming module (consultations, meetings, video sessions), which benefits from a text chat with the possibility of sharing documents in real time. Below are some of the benefits:

1. Quick connection directly in the browser, without downloading applications or installing other things.

2. It can be used on your phone, tablet or laptop.

3. Real-time video and audio.

4. Management of sessions, consultations or meetings.

Solutie pentru Consultatii Video Live

One of the medical offices that use SDG Webs solutions with great success is

If you want to maximize your profits and reduce the stress of appointments, but also to make video consultations, we are at your disposal with details on [email protected] or contact us here.

Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, Vue.JS, WordPress

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Covid-19 pandemic web solutions and services: Online video and audio consultations with chat and documents share in real time